This blog is about me and the life I have to make work without being in traditional employment. I am a very hard-working Capricorn who takes life extremely seriously but unfortunately I am not cut from the material that makes for a good employee. I am not good at routine, I don’t like being supervised, I feel that my contribution is worth much more than the salary most jobs offer and worst of all I express these things freely to my employers. Therefore, no job for me.

Instead of struggling to shape employment to fit me I decided in 2009 to strike out on my own. I knew that it would not be easy living a life where I would be responsible for generating my own income and making every decision related to how it would happen and then executing those decisions. I never knew it would be as hard as it has been and I didn’t realise that owning my life could feel as good as it does.

I’ve been the owner of a domestic service, a laundry and an art shop and the first 2 businesses I closed because my heart was not in it and the last went bust, much to my great disappointment. Now finally, after so much learning and failure I have found the work that I believe I was born to do. Writing.

I have yet to get my writing to the point where I get paid as much money for doing it as I would like and this blog treks my journey to that point. Unlike most writers I don’t just want to have a successful book or writing career, I am establishing an online publishing company. Very daunting, because I am new to writing and I am not the most tech-savvy person that you will meet.

Often I am broke, and sometimes I have to do work that has nothing to do with being a writer to ensure that I keep body and soul together. But I love the freedom and I love having the time to actually live my life.

So here’s to My Jobless Life!